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Recovery from fall, injury recovery Balance problem | Harwin balancer,  Are you or someone you love suffering from chronic pain or balance problems?


Three days after a conversation with an elderly man who had fallen on the sidewalk I realized how simple it would have been to prevent his fall. He had lost about 15 -18% of his ability to balance because of a chronic weakening of 2 muscles and 1 joint that appeared to have developed from a lifetime of sitting, rather than from inner ear dysfunction or earlier injuries. When he walked down any slope he would fall forward, regardless of how slight the grade, because he had lost the natural push off from his Gastroc muscles and the levering of his mortise joint (ankle). Though I did not examine him, there appeared to be no neurological deficit in his walk.


As a result of this chance encounter I began 6 years of Research and Development that has led to the discovery and refinement of The Harwin Balancer.


The Balancer design came from my observation that the body learns better intuitively than through verbal instruction. Creating a platform that allows the patient’s muscular system to make micro adjustments in order to remain “balanced” was the solution.


In 2007 I introduced The Balancer to my patient population, which has experienced unique and substantive improvements in motion, balance, and pain reduction.


Based upon observation of a varied patient population with a wide array of balance and pain conditions it appears that the Balancer is accessing a level of plasticity and recalibration of our entire walking/movement system.


*On May 1, 2014 Ron Harwin officially retired from private practice so that he could fully devote himself to the development of The Harwin Balancer. He is no longer a licensed Chiropractic Doctor practicing in the State of California.