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Ron Harwin


Ron Harwin, D.C. has been fascinated by the human body since he was six years old and discovered the foot skeleton that his doctor father had used in podiatry school. This early interest blossomed into a career that has spanned more than 40 years of patient care and a lifetime of studying the biomechanics of human movement.


Doctor Ron is a pioneer in the treatment and prevention of computer related injuries and designed the innovative CompuHealth™ Interactive Software Program to provide a practical solution to the prevention of computer related injuries in the workplace. In 1991 he co-authored Healthy Computing; the first book ever published on the subject of computer related injuries. His innovative Carpal Tunnel treatment was filmed by KRON TV and aired on both special programming and the news.


Ron Harwin is considered by many to be one of the health care innovators of our time, opening the door to a new field of study in the rehabilitation of chronic injury and increased athletic performance. His lifetime dedication to patient care has resulted the development of the Harwin Balancer, an important breakthrough in health care that is helping people live healthier, freer and more productive lives.


“Seeing in my patient’s eyes the confidence to manage their life with less pain and less fear gives me the deepest satisfaction. To help a patient regain the complete use of their hands, to walk without fear of falling, to move freely and confidently without pain . ….  This is what inspires me in my work.”


With forty years of clinical experience behind him, and after twenty years of observing the results of the Harwin Balancer in clinics and homes, the results he has witnessed have been dramatic and sustained. The Harwin Balancer™ is documented to help improve chronic pain and balance conditions, improve athletic performance, and to return patients to a quality of life they thought was gone forever.


“I am dedicated to finding solutions for two of today’s greatest health problems that will eventually affect us all. Chronic pain and walking/fall problems”


*On May 1, 2014 Ron Harwin officially retired from private practice so that he could fully devote himself to the development of The Harwin Balancer, an important, highly effective new tool in rehabilitation. He is no longer a licensed Chiropractic Doctor practicing in the State of California.