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Presentation by Dr. David Surrenda

“Hello, I am Dr. David Surrenda.  I am on the board of the Rippel Foundation with many of today’s leading Medical Doctors.  Our mission is building a more effective health care for the American Public and the world.

It is my honor to introduce Dr. Ron Harwin D.C., the inventor of The Harwin Balancer.

I consider Dr. Harwin to be one of the today’s geniuses in the world of rehabilitation.  The Harwin Balancer is, to my knowledge, the most effective innovation today in the treatment of Pain Syndromes, as well as Balance and Gait Problems.  I know you will be interested in hearing what Dr. Harwin has to say, and from the people who’s lives it has changed.


I can say with all confidence that using The Harwin Balancer will allow you to accomplish your clinic goals beyond what you are currently able to do.”

-From David Surrenda, PhD

 “Ron Harwin is a gifted doctor with a profound understanding of the human body. He has had remarkable success with my most challenging patients and I unequivocally recommend him.”

– From Hyla Cass, M.D.


“A friend’s husband suffered a major stroke and after only one week using The Balancer he has noted significant improvement in his balance and walking stability


“The Harwin Balancer has proven to be an effective new approach to the treatment of gait and balance problems, as well as chronic pain.

Traditional exercise-based treatments for balance/gait and chronic pain problems are, by themselves, proving ineffective.  The need for a new direction in treatment is absolutely necessary if we are going to have an impact on these very costly, and potentially devastating health problems.

By itself, and together with traditional treatments, The Harwin Balancer brings “a stronger set of tools” to our work, leading to a more effective patient outcome for the clinician.  The Balancer will become a turning point in your patient’s rehabilitation as they begin to reawaken the adaptability, and confidence we all possessed as infants.“

-From Susan Lin, M.D.

 The Harwin Balancer is a cost effective solution to decrease the incidence of fall/ hip fracture, and will give an improved quality of life to those who suffer from balance/gait problems. “

In 2008,  2.1 million non-fatal falls occurred among older adults, and more than 1/4 of these falls required hospitalization for up to15 days.  This is a seriously expensive problem to both the individual, and our society.

It is reported that the cost of these falls will increase as our population ages, and is expected to reach $55 billion dollars per year, by 2020.


By 2030, 72 million Americans will be age 65 or older, doubling our senior population in just 20 years.  1/3 of these Americans will fall every year, and the injuries resulting from these falls will limit their ability to live an independent life, and in many cases, lead to an early death.


Another source states: There are over 76 million chronic pain sufferers and more than 69 million people who have chronic balance problems.  These people will find relief by using The Harwin Balancer.

With the elder population, falls have a huge impact on their life. Even minor falls can seriously impact one’s life because the fear of falling naturally leads to self-imposed activity restrictions, social isolation, and depression.


“The Harwin Balancer is the most effective solution for balance/gait problems that I have seen in my 45 years of clinical experience.”

– From Peter Edgelow PT, DPT, National APTA Henry O. & Florence P Kendall Practice Award for Outstanding and Enduring Contributions to the practice of Physical Therapy.